Thursday, July 21, 2011

Round 5 Report

Round 5 was played on June 27. With few cancellations we had a full house and enjoyed a nice evening of fine chess.

Eaman, Rob vs. Ong, King draw(hide chess board)

Gorodetsky, Eugene vs Pfau, Matthias 1-0(hide chess board)

Le, Duc vs. Acevedo, Ulysses 1-0(hide chess board)

Mata, Sonny vs. Thompson, Geoffrey 0-1(hide chess board)

Duffy, Jim vs. Primorac, Vlatko 1-0(hide chess board)

Ted vs. Prokopowicz, Pete 0-1(hide chess board)

Shevchuk, Eugene vs. Sova, Andrew 0-1(hide chess board)

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