Sunday, August 7, 2011

Round 7 report

Round 7 for me an interesting round. As Bill and I headed for time trouble my position improved and my time as well. Eventually it was down to me having 7 seconds and Bill 5 or something like it. When the clocked beeped both of us turned our heads expecting his time to be down, but no it was mine and he had a full second left. Well done and an important point for him. The round is not over yet a couple make up games are to follow and group b lost another participants to real life demands, Ulysses had to forfeit his remaining games. This said the games go on and we have three more rounds to go.

Bill Brock vs Matthias Pfau 1-0(hide chess board)

Rob eaman vs Mack Smith 1/2-1/2(hide chess board)

Eugene Gorodetsky vs King Ong 1-0(hide chess board)

Fred Furtner vs Vlatko Primorac 1-0(hide chess board)

David Guidry vs Due Le 0-1(hide chess board)

Pradeepan Kunhiraman vs Jim Duffy 1/2-1/2(hide chess board)

Ted vs Sonny Mata 0-1(hide chess board)

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